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Depression Clouding Your Freedom? Hope Prevails

Independence Day marks the ultimate celebration of Americana. Countrymen rejoice over freedom together with simple pleasures topped with fireworks. Laughter spangles countless backyards and parks, where families and neighbors gather around tables laden with pie, chips, and homemade slaw. Steaming […]

Vacation with Vitality: Theme Park Tips

Theme parks draw crowds throughout the summer months. Walk in on a busy day and find red-faced, screaming children dragged along by irritable parents. Such an ominous sight might tempt you to avoid the big attractions. No one wants a […]

Insights from the 12 Days of Christmas

Carols weave themselves into grocery aisles, department stores, and even the outdoor speakers over our gas pumps. We hear them on every commercial and the radio stations in our cars. The lyrics often fade into oblivion as our ears grow […]

Time-Carving Tips: How to Savor your Holiday

Set priorities. Schedule the best slices first. Variety adds joy. Serve yourself a colorful plate. Set boundaries. Cutting bones dulls the knife. Leave room for dessert. Keep meaningful goals in mind and maintain perspective. Thankfulness and relationships matter. The rest […]

Giveaway and Refreshing Gift: Listen, Love, Repeat

Ever wondered how life can seem too-full, yet hollow all at once? In the midst of our drive to fulfill commitments, the sense of fulfillment drifts out of reach. Heartfires fade to a cool ember and fingertips which once connected […]

Focus Within You, Part Two

The iris rose above her unpleasant past and stretched higher. While violets and clover bloomed just above the earth, her stems remained barren. Iris sisters bloomed beside her, but she continued to reach her simple stalk upward. No measuring stick […]

Marvelous Free Gifts

Electronics glimmer from their glossy ad space. Svelte stars insist their allure comes in spray bottles. Television families cheer while unwrapping the luxury gifts of their dreams. With marketing campaigns at full-throttle this season, your carols might warp into less […]

Hugs for the Holidays

Feeling cuddly as a cactus this week? Got that greasy black peel attitude? Checking your teeth for termites,  or itching your head for brain-spiders? Has the seasonal music and glittery trim inspired all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile? […]

3 Ways to Make Every Day Thankful

Perhaps you know someone who springs from bed with sunshiney brilliance each morning. Filled with natural energy, these people beam with jubilant conversation at the sound of their alarm. Often inclined to sing, they’ll bounce into the day like Tigger. […]

Calorie-Free Treat, Anyone?

The waist bands and thighs in my pants shrank this year. Even more than the previous year. Sheesh. With all the modern advances, you’d think garment manufacturers could engineer pre-shrunk fabrics.  Don’t ask me about the extra ten pounds on […]