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Purpose and its Shadow

What happens if I fail to fulfill my purpose in life? Dormant potential which exerts no impact on the world falls short of a fulfilling life, but does not seem to risk much. In his book, Overcoming Your Shadow Misshion, […]

Book Recommendation: Breaking Busy

The alarm clock’s blast triggers a flutter of heavy eyelids. We rise from a bed hardly warmed and stagger to the kitchen, fumbling to pour a cup of synthetic energy. Before the fog thins from two or three mugs of […]

More for Your Organized 2016

We flapped like snow angels until winter melted into memory. We poured out sweet sentiments and gobbled them up. Now, only chocolate scents remain to haunt their empty ballotins. Sentimentals and chocoholics continue to huff the heart-shaped boxes and sigh. […]

Formulas for a Successful 2016

As February fades, we glance at past weeks in our rear view mirror. The passion we had at the year’s dawn now shrinks in the distance. We gape at the road ahead. Such a long, winding trek looms between our […]

2016, Your Organized Year

Ungiven certificates, stuffers never tucked into stockings, and other gifts hidden too well appear throughout the post-holiday season. We missed a few decorations when refilling the attic. Despite fervent shaking, the bulging junk drawers cannot hold one more replacement bulb. […]

Be the Hero of Your Story

When a sheltered lady boards a pirate ship, survival teeters on the edge of a blade. Her heart throbs with percussive gusto. Tendons thicken in her soul’s core. Her spirit expands until she becomes someone she never dreamed. She finds love, […]

Book Review: The Circle Maker

Many of my recent blogs revolve around fulfillment, optimizing life, or success. I’ve recommended lifestyle upgrades and attitude adjustments to prepare the way. While these offer significant guidance, another resource eclipses their importance. A successful life’s journey depends on walking […]

Power of the Brain: Our Organic CPU

  While ancient Egyptians discarded brain matter during mummification, the modern world recognizes the organ’s significance. This amazing processing center governs an intricate neural network, manages memory, and determines thought processes as well as behavior. Our quality of life rests […]

Need More Rest?

Know any early birds? Research has yet to explain why certain people spring from bed to greet each morning with energetic zeal. For their safety, I avoid rooming with these anomalies at conferences. Meditation, attitude-adjusting prayer, and ten ounces of […]