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Illuminate Your Life with Hope

The first Christmas arrived during a bleak season for God’s people. Israel shivered in the shadows of oppression and poverty. Iron-fisted pagans enforced their rule through barbaric crucifixions. Even their fellow countrymen succombed to corruption and betrayal. Prophecies had ceased […]

Responding to Burnout

As we conclude our series on compassion fatigue, today’s post discusses how to respond when we notice potential burnout in others. As with any condition, listening with love must take the driver’s role for effective, healthy support. Listen at least […]

Warding off Compassion Fatigue

This week’s video continues our discussion of compassion fatigue. Instead of addressing burnout only when it reaches critical mass, here are a few tips to help ward off emotional exhaustion before it begins: Schedule renewal before you burn out. Examine […]

Rein in Fear’s Hurricane

Fear is a normal part of the human experience. All emotions occur naturally, whether positive or negative, and anxious feelings are no exception. Our feelings can alert us to opportunities to change ourselves or our circumstances, so we can benefit […]

When Grief Hits at Christmas

While carols and bright lights urge us to fill our hearts with cheer, some cannot find joy in the Christmas season. The environment demands folks to wear merry smiles, but those who grieve feel emptiness instead. The tension between social […]

Giveaway and Refreshing Gift: Listen, Love, Repeat

Ever wondered how life can seem too-full, yet hollow all at once? In the midst of our drive to fulfill commitments, the sense of fulfillment drifts out of reach. Heartfires fade to a cool ember and fingertips which once connected […]

How Can I Trust this Person?

Due to audio issues, I am unable to offer a video post this week. Here’s the content I discussed in my silent Periscope broadcast. To continue last week’s discussion on building support networks, we’re taking a closer look at who […]

Purpose and its Shadow

What happens if I fail to fulfill my purpose in life? Dormant potential which exerts no impact on the world falls short of a fulfilling life, but does not seem to risk much. In his book, Overcoming Your Shadow Misshion, […]

Book Recommendation: Breaking Busy

The alarm clock’s blast triggers a flutter of heavy eyelids. We rise from a bed hardly warmed and stagger to the kitchen, fumbling to pour a cup of synthetic energy. Before the fog thins from two or three mugs of […]

Be the Hero of Your Story

When a sheltered lady boards a pirate ship, survival teeters on the edge of a blade. Her heart throbs with percussive gusto. Tendons thicken in her soul’s core. Her spirit expands until she¬†becomes someone she never dreamed. She finds love, […]