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How Successful People Think

Dreams stir the air above our beds and glimmer on the horizon as we trudge through the workday. In all our weary struggles to make it from one day to the next, wishes of success linger in the back of […]

Stressless Christmas

Ten dozen cookies with melted green topping Chipped half of my nails, but still need to go shopping Get Presents for everyone, make fudge for the masses Tame wonky-curled hair and get glitter in lashes Suck in my tummy to […]

Be the Hero of Your Story

When a sheltered lady boards a pirate ship, survival teeters on the edge of a blade. Her heart throbs with percussive gusto. Tendons thicken in her soul’s core. Her spirit expands until she becomes someone she never dreamed. She finds love, […]

Book Review: Prayers for an Anxious Heart

I often use investigation to combat fear. In case you’re equating me with the idiot in a horror movie who approaches danger, allow me to clarify. I’m not referring to poking my head inside the growling closet, but into a […]

5 Habit Upgrades to Boost your Year

The following example dates me, but I’m hoping you’ll relate anyway. A drive-through chain once used an advertising campaign featuring an exhausted baker. Commercials showed him rising early and working late in an unchanging routine. One activity defined his life. […]

Book Review: Changes that Heal

Decades ago, I challenged my high school psychologist’s mindset. Regarding an issue in his field, no less. We debated the matter for over an hour. My teacher shooed us out of her classroom so she could lock up and go […]

Power of the Brain: Our Organic CPU

  While ancient Egyptians discarded brain matter during mummification, the modern world recognizes the organ’s significance. This amazing processing center governs an intricate neural network, manages memory, and determines thought processes as well as behavior. Our quality of life rests […]

5 Ways to Eliminate Energy Drain

An ever-spiraling list of needs requires your energy each day. Work, social activities, and appointments show up on your radar. Certain elements draining your stamina fly under the radar. Though preventable, they continue to suck joy from your life because […]

Humor: A Vital Daily Supplement

  My tablet intake rivals the pill minders of folks twenty years my senior. Collagen and fish oil improve joint function. CoQ10 claims cellular repair features. My physician recommended calcium for bone health. Probiotics assist with digestion and boost immunity. […]

Need More Rest?

Know any early birds? Research has yet to explain why certain people spring from bed to greet each morning with energetic zeal. For their safety, I avoid rooming with these anomalies at conferences. Meditation, attitude-adjusting prayer, and ten ounces of […]