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Quest for Purpose

The last three blogs highlighted significance, priorities, and God-given dreams. These keys to abundant living relate to a common factor–purpose. How do I know what it is? What if my searches left me stranded in the same lost position where […]

Considering a Dream?

Ever had a dream float into your mind? Perhaps you considered it a moment, turning the concept between your fingertips. A tingling sensation whirled in your core and grew with each moment you dared to hope. Your spirit urged your mind to […]

En-List a Vital Tool

I wish I could say I’ve never walked into a room and forgotten why. Sadly, this has occurred more times than I’d like to count. Before you suggest aging is prompting these moments, let me suggest another culprit. Not just […]

Why am I here?

Maybe you’ve got a burning desire. A distinct calling with clear steps toward your life’s goal. If you have a confident definition of your reason for living, celebrate the rare blessing of purpose. For those who have yet to lay hold […]

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