The New Year dawns before us. Many of us begin this week catching up from the Christmas holiday. We end it, however, with a gaze back at the past year. And some of us will resolve to make 2018 better than the twelve months we just endured.

For those of us who’ve made New Year’s resolutions in the past, the statistics aren’t surprising. Eight percent of people acheive their New Year’s goals. Eighty percent give up on resolutions by February, in fact. These numbers might discourage some from making an attempt to change their lives at all. Yet, the lure of despair-reasoning proves fatal.

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2018 presents two alternatives to despair. Those who cling to doomed aspirations for a few weeks will enjoy plenty of company. But, in case you’d rather not join the Fail by February majority, another option remains. In the weeks to come, I’ll outline how to set realistic goals and sustain them.

We all have limited time. Our need to examine how to integrate and balance multiple pieces of our lives has never been greater. Yet, some types of multi-tasking prove detrimental while other forms increase our performance. This series will discern which activities we should blend and which ones must be done separately. We’ll explore the keys to optimizing the six dimensions of your life:

  • Physical
  • Professional
  • Psychological
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Personal/Relational

I look forward to partnering with you to launch your most successful year in 2018!


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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.

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