Shoes Wisely Women's Event

Shoes Wisely Women’s Event

Introducing Online Workshops 

Want to learn techniques for optimizing your life today? Online workshops are a great place to start.

  • Convenient 

Access the content at any time, from any web-friendly location. Put your kids to bed and tune in. Make the most of an extended layover. Online workshops eliminate barriers for those with medical limitations, transportation issues, or busy lifestyles.

  • Affordable

Workshops deliver helpful information to many participants, so removing the one-on-one requirement reduces an individual’s investment to a fraction of the cost. For example, one-hour workshops start at $25. Health insurance plans often require clients to pay more than that in coinsurance for services necessitating travel to an office during peak hours.

  • Comfortable

Attend from your recliner. Enjoy a picnic on a mountainside or at the beach while you watch the content. Wear your favorite pajamas, if you like.

  • Value-Packed

Presentations address the needs most commonly voiced by audience members and offer the solutions which have improved my clients’ lives time and time again. You’ll get encouragement and training along with specific action steps to achieve results.
Check back soon for a listing of our brand new listing of workshops.


Available Videos

Click to watch the following:

imac1.png    Thirst No More Retreat!
imac1.png   10 Ways to Recharge Periscope Broadcast


I’d love to hear your requests for topics. Use the contact form below to offer feedback and suggest content you’d like to see us offer.

Would you like to be first in line to register for online workshops? Fill out the contact form, and specify the content for which you prefer to receive notifications.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.

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