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Refresh Your Health This week’s video offers simple tips to adopt a healthier lifestyle this spring. Refresh your attitude, because the foundation of health is actually all in your head. Picture yourself at the finish line, then plot a course of baby steps. Focus […]

Refresh Your Touch

Our hearts and souls pulse and flow with blessings, unique energy in rhythm with the flow of our individual design. A torso carries this majestic purpose from birth to end, but most containers also include limbs. Legs to walk the […]

Refresh Your Mind

We’re recovering from the lost hour of sleep this weekend, so let’s discuss a few ways to refresh our minds this spring. Today’s video suggests the following techniques to improve mental acuity: Read across genres. Learn a new concept or […]

Complete Refresh for Spring

This Sunday, we turn our clocks forward to signify the launch of a new season. Though most of us dread losing an hour of sleep, the onset of spring brightens the world with blessings in such abundance we can soon […]