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Heart Health at All Levels, Part 4

  Essence of physical, interpersonal, and emotional wellness Priority vs Urgency Thread as a seam throughout the day:  knot, weave, knot. Infinite journey, not a race with a finish line. Springboard and growth, avoiding stagnancy and decline. Relational and functional, […]

Heart Health at All Levels, Part 3

Emotional health concerns maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself as well as with others. HOW am I doing? DTR with yourself. Be aware of your emotional state. Positive AND Negative. WHEN and WHERE do I start feeling this way? Evaluate triggers […]

Heart Health at all Levels, Part 2

Today’s video discusses the importance of interpersonal heart health. Our relationships with others provide us with the opportunity to actualize our potential as individuals. We need to take care of our interpersonal well being and ensure we maintain healthy relationships. […]

Heart Health at All Levels, Part 1

  First in our series, we’ll consider physical wellness. Let’s discuss how to make great habits for long term heart health. Check out my life coaching page if you’re interested in customizing personal steps toward optimizing your overall well-being. Sleep […]

Recommended Reading to Achieve your Dreams

Many of us dream of living with purpose and meaning. Books can inspire and guide us toward optimizing our gifts and talents toward a fulfilling life. Let’s dive into these recent works by two of my favorite authors. First, read […]