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Supportive Networks: Empowering or Debilitating?

Today’s video points out the key factors in developing a network of personal support for an empowered, optimized lifestyle. Why do we need a supportive network? Support in times of crisis – not a question of IF, but WHEN we […]

A Guide in Grief’s Shadow

This week’s video blog follows up on our discussion from last week. Here’s what we’ll cover in this ten-minute post: The stages of grief What to say–and what NOT to say– when responding to those experiencing loss Everyone grieves differently […]

Echoes of a Final Farewell: After the Memorial

After the 9-11 memorial services we observed yesterday, let us take a moment to consider those who suffer from ongoing grief. The following video post includes some tips to better understand and provide support to those who have experienced loss.

The Mind Reading Myth: A Double-Edged Hazard

To continue our discussion of communication tips, I’m sharing my Periscope broadcast with you this week. You’ll see a bit of dialogue with a participant, which you might find amusing. I hope you find the content helpful.   Let me […]