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Book Recommendation – IF

I listened to this inspiring book as an audio download from my local library system. But a single pass over the content wasn’t enough. After listening to Batterson’s amazing insights, I had to own a tangible edition. Much like the ground-breaking […]

Four Communication Boosters

This week’s blog post, originally broadcast via Periscope, addresses communication. These four tips will improve your connections with business, family, and community members. The techniques work to improve your most critical relationships, as a parent or spouse. Feel free to […]

Scripture Yoga – Book Recommendation

Scripture Yoga: 21 Bible Lessons for Christian Yoga Classes by Susan Neal   Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for our bodies as well as our minds. Recent scientific studies have concluded that yoga and meditation improve cognition and […]

Live Your Moments as Chocolate Morsels

Human life begins with a push. Reaching, screaming, kicking–natal souls burst onto a timeline. From the first breath, the endless strive onward begins. Spring from yesterday’s position.  Roll, crawl, and walk. Gaze past today toward the next accomplishment. The cookie […]