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Focus Within You, Part Three

Putrid earth envelopes the grubby, dull bulb. The unappealing skin chafes against its chilly, dank surroundings. Hoping for light it has never seen, the bulb forces a tender sprout to wriggle through the oppressive darkness. The shoot summons all the […]

Focus Within You, Part Two

The iris rose above her unpleasant past and stretched higher. While violets and clover bloomed just above the earth, her stems remained barren. Iris sisters bloomed beside her, but she continued to reach her simple stalk upward. No measuring stick […]

Prayers for Soldiers

While My Soldier Serves: Prayers for Those with Loved Ones in the Military is available on Amazon, or you can ask for it at your favorite retailers. Check out Edie Melson’s blog, at and connect with her on Facebook.