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Book Recommendation: Breaking Busy

The alarm clock’s blast triggers a flutter of heavy eyelids. We rise from a bed hardly warmed and stagger to the kitchen, fumbling to pour a cup of synthetic energy. Before the fog thins from two or three mugs of […]

Cultivating Grace, Not Just Saying It

The ballerina pirouettes until stilled in her partner’s embrace. With his support, she leaps toward heaven and floats to the stage. As the curtain swings to a close, she rushes in front of her partner to blow kisses at her […]

Book Review: A Mary Like Me

Though repeated, the four black letters slip past the unobservant. The common name blends into a mountain of words. M-A-R-Y identifies distant lifelines on barely tangible, onion-skin pages. In such a long story, from so long ago, what’s significant about […]

More for Your Organized 2016

We flapped like snow angels until winter melted into memory. We poured out sweet sentiments and gobbled them up. Now, only chocolate scents remain to haunt their empty ballotins. Sentimentals and chocoholics continue to huff the heart-shaped boxes and sigh. […]