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9 Things Successful People Do Differently

I devour recommended reading lists, double-stacking new volumes into my bulging shelves each month. Books gleaming with insights for optimizing purpose and impact rank high among my favorites. I most love the authors who craft great content into succinct packages. Brevity […]

Formulas for a Successful 2016

As February fades, we glance at past weeks in our rear view mirror. The passion we had at the year’s dawn now shrinks in the distance. We gape at the road ahead. Such a long, winding trek looms between our […]

Praying for Your Addicted Loved One – Guest Post by Sharron Cosby

Divine Encouragement welcomes Sharron Cosby as our guest blogger this week. Watching someone self-destruct hurts. Wanting to fix something not yours to fix breeds frustration. Crying at the mere thought of your loved one’s bleak future melds into hopelessness. I […]

True Love Surpasses Romance

Grocery aisles bleed pink and burgundy. Lacy tulle billows throughout the marketplace. It’s February. Lovers, truffles, and bears. Oh, my. Romance novelists and greeting card manufacturers squeal with delight through these weeks. Sappy movies flood theaters and television channels. Chiseled […]

Daring Greatly

If I asked whether you’d like to wallow in the dull ache of emptiness or plunge into life as a vivid adventure, how would you respond? Could you embrace the challenge of wholehearted living with honesty? Many of us wrap […]