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2016, Your Organized Year

Ungiven certificates, stuffers never tucked into stockings, and other gifts hidden too well appear throughout the post-holiday season. We missed a few decorations when refilling the attic. Despite fervent shaking, the bulging junk drawers cannot hold one more replacement bulb. […]

The Noticer

Imagine living in a hand-scooped trench beneath a pier. A few years of stubble grown past the high school complexion, but hope no longer sparkles in the eyes. Consider the ocean view of an orphaned young man. Waves batter the […]

Vital Goals for a Healthy 2016

Nearly half of our nation made resolutions for the coming year. The top goal? Losing weight. Related fitness objectives rank close behind. Tracking gadgets, supplements, and exercise equipment fly off store shelves this month. Consumers spend billions on the promise […]

Get Your Hopes Up

Calendar pages fill the trash can. We glance over our shoulders at the shadows clinging to our feet. As we squint ahead into the hazy unknown, the temptation to fold our arms swells from our gut. We balk at risking […]