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New Year’s Blueprint: Upgrade your Resolutions

We wrap the refuse and clutter of 2015 in plastic bags, walking our burdens to the curb in wee-hour darkness. We clench our fists on the regretted junk. Questions swirl in our heads as the heavy load weighs on our […]

Christmas Jars

We sing carols and string glittering adornments throughout our community. Cards and memes flood our eyes with snippets of sentiment. Our ovens overflow with vanilla and cranberry aromas. We hang these webs of tradition in sticky frostings and garland in […]

Marvelous Free Gifts

Electronics glimmer from their glossy ad space. Svelte stars insist their allure comes in spray bottles. Television families cheer while unwrapping the luxury gifts of their dreams. With marketing campaigns at full-throttle this season, your carols might warp into less […]

Hugs for the Holidays

Feeling cuddly as a cactus this week? Got that greasy black peel attitude? Checking your teeth for termites,  or itching your head for brain-spiders? Has the seasonal music and glittery trim inspired all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile? […]

Stressless Christmas

Ten dozen cookies with melted green topping Chipped half of my nails, but still need to go shopping Get Presents for everyone, make fudge for the masses Tame wonky-curled hair and get glitter in lashes Suck in my tummy to […]

Christmas Traditions

Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the nation, toddlers’ “Why” echoes stirred moms to frustration. “Why do you kiss under missing toes?” “Why must my wrapped presents wait?” “Why put a tree where our couch outta go and […]