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Feeling Overstuffed?

Turkey floats through your nap-dreams on rivers of gravy. Pie monsters chase you with forks and prod you to a half-wakened stupor. The room spins, blurs into view. You could clean that, fix this, do such-and-such. Getting off the couch […]

Author Interview: The Spindle Chair

Shellie, thanks for joining us today at Divine Encouragement. I am excited to introduce readers to your ministry and writing. Tell us about your marriage ministry and why you felt led to write a novel. Tina, I appreciate the opportunity […]

3 Ways to Make Every Day Thankful

Perhaps you know someone who springs from bed with sunshiney brilliance each morning. Filled with natural energy, these people beam with jubilant conversation at the sound of their alarm. Often inclined to sing, they’ll bounce into the day like Tigger. […]

Calorie-Free Treat, Anyone?

The waist bands and thighs in my pants shrank this year. Even more than the previous year. Sheesh. With all the modern advances, you’d think garment manufacturers could engineer pre-shrunk fabrics.  Don’t ask me about the extra ten pounds on […]

Do Your Dreams Matter?

Do your goals and dreams really matter? Have you ever been working on a goal or pursuing a dream and then you have one of those days? Things are not progressing like you hoped they would. You’ve hit a roadblock. […]

A Dare to Live Fully

Blond, pinhead-sized ants stream through paint cracks and drizzle into my cupboards. The flow meanders in and out of visibility, winding up my honey jar and over my open Bible. I brush the trespassers to the chipped tile floor. One […]

To Serve and Honor

He grinds his jaw as his blistered soles pound the trail. His gear weighs as much as a man’s corpse, and the load drives an ache through his spine and knees. Perspiration stings his eyes. His lungs heave in a […]

Yearning for More

The alarm buzzes. The clock glares a red set of digits, imploring you to start the day. You brush the same teeth, dress in one of your usual outfits, and hurry through breakfast–if you manage to get breakfast, that is. […]