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Seeds to Grow Your Soul

I am a confessed killer. I drowned, poisoned, and starved my countless victims. The plan was never to cause death. Several times per year, I brought fresh life into my home, hoping it might survive. I tried to reform my […]

3 Beautiful Gifts Awaiting You Today

I love gifts. I look forward to doling out candy next week in exchange for the opportunity to greet fairies, Jedi knights, and charming little zombies. One month later, Thanksgiving will bring comfort food and the blessing of shared company. […]

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

My employee twisted the phone receiver away from her ear. From three feet away, I heard the machine-gun sounds of our area supervisor’s voice. After the call ended, I patted the case worker’s shoulder. “I’ll talk to her.” For the […]

Be the Hero of Your Story

When a sheltered lady boards a pirate ship, survival teeters on the edge of a blade. Her heart throbs with percussive gusto. Tendons thicken in her soul’s core. Her spirit expands until she¬†becomes someone she never dreamed. She finds love, […]

Book Review: Prayers for an Anxious Heart

I often use investigation to combat fear. In case you’re equating me with the idiot in a horror movie who approaches danger, allow me to clarify. I’m not referring to poking my head inside the growling closet, but into a […]

5 Things You Should Always Give Away

Check the stock market reports. Read business columns. Watch entrepreneurial webinars. The media features the wealthy and powerful, as if they hold the keys to bliss at the helm of their yachts. Millions study their success in hopes of gleaning […]

Book Review: The Circle Maker

Many of my recent blogs revolve around fulfillment, optimizing life, or success. I’ve recommended lifestyle upgrades and attitude adjustments to prepare the way. While these offer significant guidance, another resource eclipses their importance. A successful life’s journey depends on walking […]

5 Habit Upgrades to Boost your Year

The following example dates me, but I’m hoping you’ll relate anyway. A drive-through chain once used an advertising campaign featuring an exhausted baker. Commercials showed him rising early and working late in an unchanging routine. One activity defined his life. […]