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Book Review: The Key to Everything

  From blaring pitches to mesmerizing jingles, ads crowd the media around us with promises of the secret to success. Cultivate your image. Worm your way into powerful company so your contacts will promote you. Develop innovative concepts. Build a tribe. Create million-dollar product launches, dynamic videos . . […]

Book Review: Changes that Heal

Decades ago, I challenged my high school psychologist’s mindset. Regarding an issue in his field, no less. We debated the matter for over an hour. My teacher shooed us out of her classroom so she could lock up and go […]

5 Ways to Quench Inspiration Thirst

Artists, writers, and creatives depend upon it for productivity. At times, they gasp and scramble to wring a drop from old canvases. Or favorite trees. Anything once shimmering with the dew. Don’t shrug at their desperation. Like them, you need inspiration, […]

Power of the Brain: Our Organic CPU

  While ancient Egyptians discarded brain matter during mummification, the modern world recognizes the organ’s significance. This amazing processing center governs an intricate neural network, manages memory, and determines thought processes as well as behavior. Our quality of life rests […]

Scrumptious Investments: Nourish Yourself First

Investors tout the maxim, pay yourself first. But a far more valuable resource than money could vanish if you fail to tend it well. This advice applies to investors of all ages and incomes, and takes precedence over how you manage […]

Art of Peaceful Hedges

  I glared into the back yard. The canine intruder was striking again. Our cats mewed, begging to get into the screened porch. They couldn’t stand up to the jaws and bark of the neighbor’s Labrador. It was up to […]

5 Ways to Eliminate Energy Drain

An ever-spiraling list of needs requires your energy each day. Work, social activities, and appointments show up on your radar. Certain elements draining your stamina fly under the radar. Though preventable, they continue to suck joy from your life because […]

Facing a Dead End? Check Out this Inspiring Book!

  Extended unemployment. Health issues. Relational stalemates. Sometimes life seems to mire us in a quicksand where our efforts sink in futility. We lose sight of dreams which once gleamed on the horizon. Mud seeps into our ears, muffling attempts at encouragement […]