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Increase your Friend-ability Factor

  As mentioned in my post a few weeks ago, connections with life-giving people serve an important role in maintaining healthy personal energy. While some develop relationships with ease, others struggle to develop or maintain them. The difference might seem inborn, but the […]

Misunderstood? Learn to Speak their Language

You might be tempted to tune me out. I challenge you to stay tuned after hearing this week’s book title, even if you doubt its relevance. Understanding others’ heartfelt needs applies not only to romance, but also to a vast […]

Creative Ways to Dose up on SUNSHINE

  Laying out. Sunbathing. Tanning. Lobsterwoman beach-bake. Call it what you will, but I never enjoyed lying still in a puddle of sweat. Maybe it’s because my only hope of tanning rests in the day my freckles bleed together. My […]

21 Days of Grace – Book of the Week

For Divine Encouragement’s book of the week, check out our featured guest post by Amarilys Gacio Rassler, anthology contributor. Discouraged?  Need Rescue?  21 Days of Grace! Encouragement in 21 Days of Grace, offers rich truth within fiction, to encourage our hearts. […]

Humor: A Vital Daily Supplement

  My tablet intake rivals the pill minders of folks twenty years my senior. Collagen and fish oil improve joint function. CoQ10 claims cellular repair features. My physician recommended calcium for bone health. Probiotics assist with digestion and boost immunity. […]

This Week’s Recommended Read: Fight Back with Joy

At a women’s event in Orlando one year, I unloaded an armful of books onto the author’s signing table. “These will be my medicine cabinet. I share inspiring books with people who need a dose of joy.” Humor conveys scientifically proven […]

Need More Rest?

Know any early birds? Research has yet to explain why certain people spring from bed to greet each morning with energetic zeal. For their safety, I avoid rooming with these anomalies at conferences. Meditation, attitude-adjusting prayer, and ten ounces of […]