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Relationship DNA

Toothpaste rollers grate their teeth at the mid-tube squeezers. Confrontational people chase the withdrawn away. We self-protect, only to cause more harm in the end. Fear and conflict weave barbs into interpersonal dynamics throughout the world. It’s amazing relationships have […]

Optimal ROI, Where You Least Expect

Solicitations flood my daily mail and web pages, each one insisting its urgency as a business investment. Every product and service, from educational institutions to fitness programs, claims a high return on investment, or ROI. I expect a return on some […]

Ten Ways to Charge your Personal Batteries

The car engine won’t turn over. Your cell phone darkens. The laptop’s screen ignores the power button. Dead batteries impede productivity and leave us helpless. New technology includes rechargeable designs, but failure to plan time to plug in will leave […]

Got a Colorful Personality?

In my master’s program, we analyzed a slew of personality profiles. Some became corporate favorites, like the Myers-Briggs or the Holland. Other instruments, like the MMPI, garnered less appeal since they categorized participants according to negative labels. Of all the […]

Quest for Purpose

The last three blogs highlighted significance, priorities, and God-given dreams. These keys to abundant living relate to a common factor–purpose. How do I know what it is? What if my searches left me stranded in the same lost position where […]

Considering a Dream?

Ever had a dream float into your mind? Perhaps you considered it a moment, turning the concept between your fingertips. A tingling sensation whirled in your core and grew with each moment you dared to hope. Your spirit urged your mind to […]

En-List a Vital Tool

I wish I could say I’ve never walked into a room and forgotten why. Sadly, this has occurred more times than I’d like to count. Before you suggest aging is prompting these moments, let me suggest another culprit. Not just […]